Isle of Skye restaurants are arguably some of the best in Scotland. The cuisine is unique and authentic and offers locals, tourists and visitors the opportunity to embark on an amazing culinary journey.

  • Stables Restaurant

The name is a bit of a giveaway; set in an old stable, this restaurant is casual and friendly and offers guests a local and warm experience. It is a great stop for a refuel before or after a walk through the Clan Donald gardens/museum.

  • No 1 Bosville

This is a quiet, romantic restaurant with great views and even better food, The location is great for some quiet cocktails but the food is fresh and seafood is the focus with contemporary cuisine featured and vegetarian dishes to die for as well.

  • Coruisk House Restaurant

This restaurant is in the running for a Michelin Star. If that alone doesn’t make you curious, hungry and want to go all at the same time, the quaint and charming location and atmosphere will. The small restaurant accommodates guests who often return more than once. There are rotating and ever changing seasonal menus.

  • Ellishadder Art Cafe

What is better than amazing baking combined with local art? Not much. This restaurant in the northern part of the island has both award winning baking and fresh, vibrant local art. The cafe is quaint and unique and set in one of the most picturesque parts of the isle.

  • The Islay Restaurant at Toravaig House Hotel

Located in the Toravaig house hotel, this restaurant brings food to life. The chefs not only love what they do but have a passion for food that you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else. The presentation is as beautiful as the taste and though you’ll feel the food is too pretty to eat, when you do eat it, you won’t regret it.