When traveling to Skye, don’t be put off by its remoteness, it isn’t as inaccessible as it may appear at first glance.

The closest International Airport is the one in Glasgow and the island’s airport is called Inverness. You may have to, therefore, fly into Glasgow and catch a connection to Skye. Alternatively, you can try:

  • Drive; Rent a car or hire a car and enjoy the sights and sounds of the scenic drive. There are a number of rental places that you can check out at the airport and online. For cheaper car rentals and hire try heading away from the airport to the nearby Alea casino or one of the other casino destinations in Glasgow as often taxis, car hire and car rentals will be available here as well. And hey! You might even win money to pay for it.
  • Bus; there are some busses that do daily trips to Skye from both airports mentioned above. Be sure to check ticket prices and itineraries online so you know how much, where and when to catch the bus.
  • Ferry; if you are able to make your way to one of the three ferry ports in Glasgow or a ferry port elsewhere in Scotland, you will be able to access the Isle of Skye this way as well, plus having the opportunity to see the beautiful landscape from an amazing perspective.

If you are also wondering when to go and what to bring remember that Scotland does have a damp climate but that Isle has a very diverse climate due to its mountains but also proximity to the water. The warmer months of May tend to be relatively drier but always bring your rain gear and check the weather forecast regularly as it changes very frequently across the Isle. Over all you are in for a great experience.