The Isle of Skye has more to it than just its stunning beauty, wonderful weather, and natural phenomena. Skye is extremely rich in history and offers an interesting insight into life before it became life as we know it.

Scotland as a whole is an old country with different stories to tell. It is worth noting that the Mesolithic hunter site in Skye is one of the oldest in the entire country. This is one of 33 Mesolithic sites. Studies are done between coasts to determine the use of the sites and direction of travel. Some of the isle’s peninsulas have sites that can be dated back as far as 2nd millennium BC. There are also Viking canals that date a little later as well as several fortifications and forts that lead us to the discussion and discovery of various clans.

There were Norse and Pictish settlers that are likely to have been some of the original inhabitants. This is until Scandinavian settlers and Vikings moved in and took over. Clan Macleod was known to be the original Viking clan to have settled and is still celebrated today. In addition to Clan MacDonald, the Clan Macleod were also figured to have been the most powerful and independent clan. There was, however, a rebellion all the way back in 1745. THis rebellion failed and clan rule remained.

The early 1800’s create a sense of promise and substance until cheaper imports ruined activity and caused an economic and industrial downturn. Famine and disease also swept the country in addition to over half of the population being forced out of the country. This unrest went on for a while before troops were sent in to keep some semblance of order/peace

The population has since started to slowly grow again, but the isle mainly sees tourists and visitors fascinated with this history.